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Huile d'argan biologique DermArgan 125 mL
DermArgan : A Biological Argan Oil 100 ML
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Stemming from Argan trees, Argan Oil has been used for generations by the Amazigh People for its dietary and cosmetic virtues.

A Flask of Argan Oil 100% natural, certified Ecocert and Label AB.

Price $18.26
Henné Sahara Tazarine corps et cheveux 100g
Henna Sahara Tazarine for Body & Hair Care 100g
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Ever since Antiquity, The Moroccan Women use the Henna, a special cosmetic product that colors naturally your hair and makes it sparkle with life.

Very present in ceremonies and parties, The Henna allows you to be adorned with ephemeral tattoos endowed with a strong symbolism, which, according to popular beliefs; it protects you as well as it inspires you charm and seductiveness.

Price $13.39
Eau de rose en spray du Maroc 125 mL
Moroccan Rose Water As A Spray 125 mL
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Our Rose Water stems from the distillation of rose petals to extract active ingredients. Such an essential cosmetic product to own in your bathroom, is completely natural and possesses several beneficial virtues: Not only does it clean, protect, hydrate, but it also limits the appearance of wrinkles.

Price $10.83
Ghassoul en plaquettes Chorfa Al Akhdar - 500g
Ghassoul Chorfa Al Akhdar - 500g
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Natural mineral clay is extracted from the Mountains of The Moroccan Atlas, the Ghassoul has been popularly used by Moroccan women for centuries, to clean and gently take care of their skin and hair.

Price $16.43