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Ghassoul en plaquettes Chorfa Al Akhdar - 500g
  • Ghassoul en plaquettes Chorfa Al Akhdar - 500g
  • Ghassoul en plaquettes Chorfa Al Akhdar - 500g
  • Ghassoul en plaquettes Chorfa Al Akhdar - 500g
  • Ghassoul en plaquettes Chorfa Al Akhdar - 500g

Ghassoul Chorfa Al Akhdar - 500g


Natural mineral clay is extracted from the Mountains of The Moroccan Atlas, the Ghassoul has been popularly used by Moroccan women for centuries, to clean and gently take care of their skin and hair.



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The Ghassoul is a natural rock, 100% ecological, recognized for its soothing and cleaning virtues. 

It is a saponificative clay whose unique deposit in the world exists only in Morocco at the meantime, next to the borders of the Middle Atlas 200 km away in the South of the city of Fes.

It is a mandatory traditional care ritual for Hammams(Moroccan Baths).


Natural shampoo with Ghassoul

Mix the Ghassoul powder with some tepid water to obtain a homogeneous dough. Apply on all of your hair, preferably when your hair is all so wet. Slowly massage your scalp and then let it that way for at least one quarter of an hour. Rinse carefully while painting your hair. Add the juice of half a lemon through the last rinsing by water. The Ghassoul washes, strengthens, grants sparkles, flexibility and volume to your precious hair.

Hair mask with Ghassoul

To give vitality and flexibility to your precious hair, you can end your shampoo-making with a hair mask made with Ghassoul, with floral water of pink or orange tree and some Argan Oil if possible. Distribute, please, the Rassoul from the roots to the extreme points of your hair. Wrap your hair with a hot towel and let it that way for 15 minutes. Rinse abundantly.

You can also try it this way: Mix 50g of Ghassoul with an egg yolk and a little water. Apply the dough obtained on your hair by massaging from the scalp towards the extreme points of your hair. Let it that way for 15 minutes without the Rassoul being dried up and then rinse.

Facial mask with Ghassoul

Mix with a floral water of pink or orange flower, the Ghassoul forms a very soft dough. Apply it on your face by massaging it gently. Let it that way for 10 minutes. The exfoliating texture absorbs the imperfections and dead cells. For very sensitive skins, you can add to the Rassoul some Argan Oil.

Body care with Ghassoul

Take of approximately two teaspoons of Ghassoul. In a bowl, pour some tepid water until you get a very light and smooth dough… Apply it on all of your body. Rub it energetically. Wait for 5 to 10 minutes and relax while you're at, then rinse well with some hot water. You will notice right away the difference: Your skin becomes very soft, more tonic and cleansed in depth.


Silicon, Iron, Magnesium, Sodium, Trace elements, Pro-vitamins.

Made by deft craftsmen in Morocco.

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